Huaya - Planter

Huaya - Planter


This planter is handthrown by Jingdezhen young ceramicist, Huaya. Huaya is a multi-media artist from a small town in rural Hunan. Her art practice includes work with textiles, illustration, functional ceramics and small form sculpture. She is passionate about a localized, self-sustaining living and the central inspiration for her work comes from daily life in the countryside. She currently lives and works in a village on the outskirts of Jingdezhen with her boyfriend, a woodworker, their dog, two cats, two geese, and an ever-growing number of chickens.

Dimensions: Vary. Each piece is uniquely made. The planter in the photos are 4.5” x 4.5” x 5”

Care: Handwash only.

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