The Wing on Wo (W.O.W.) family community enjoys a century old legacy of preserving cultural heritage in a place we call Chinatown. Wing on Wo 永安和, our namesake, means “forever peaceful and safe”. For the wayward sojourner who traveled across oceans to strike gold and return home with notoriety, places and spaces like W.O.W. were a waystation. Here, they found their crew, their tribe, family of choice.

Aside from being a place to meet, W.O.W. offered–and continues to today– a sense of community and belonging.Over the passage of time it stood as a transitional space -- ㅡ a social club, a post office, a credit union, an outpost for Chinese medicine, a social service and translation services, and a Chinese-American grocery store. For the past fifty plus years W.O.W. has offered teapots and porcelain ware, all in the same family gathering sense. With this setting in mind, we greet each other with “have you eaten yet?”. We hope in presenting this W.O.W. Lookbook that it fosters images of home, tablescapes, and social gatherings past, present, and in your future. Purchase a copy now.


 Photos, design and art direction by the talented Mischelle Moy.