Public Programs Volunteer

Our public programs are made possible due hugely impart to our amazing volunteer community who helps with all of the behind the scenes!  

If you're interested in being a part of the collaborative planning process for W.O.W Project programs, please fill out this form below. The team will shortly be in touch about current program volunteer opportunities.

Photo cred: Kira Simon-Kennedy // A Volunteer helps live stream our second W.O.W Conversation on the influx of art galleries in the neighborhood.

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Now accepting applications for October 2018-May 2019 internships!

Experience grassroots cultural organizing in NYC Chinatown as a program or media youth intern at the W.O.W. Project. Explore the intersection of arts and activism and what it means to cultivate creative culture for and by the community. Develop your skills in a place that values youth as leaders and organizers. Learn from experts and your peers as we build community in an Asian American women-led space. 

Application Deadline*: 11:59 PM September 22, 2018 *Soft deadline

Interest Meeting: 5:30 PM September 15, 2018 at 26 Mott

Interviews: September 29 or 30, 2018

First Meeting: Sunday, October 7, 2018

Send a letter of interest and list of past experiences to wowproject@wingonwoand.co with subject: “WOW Internship Application"

Internship includes:

  • Series of workshops conducted by experts to grow a diverse toolkit of skills and learn from long time community members

  • Culminating personal project supported by the community (resources, space, leadership development, audience)

  • Collaborative education/reflection on cultural organizing, social issues in Chinatown, personal identities, etc. with visits to community organizations

Apply to be a Program Intern or Media Intern

  • Program internship: event planning, workshop facilitator, outreach, event manager, program coordinator, ambassador

  • Media internship: event planning, photography, video projects, graphics, marketing, tech for events, ambassador, artist assistant

4 hrs/week (up to 8 hrs/week). Travel stipends available .





The W.O.W Project is looking for up to 4 bilingual translators to support with translating W.O.W’s program materials and past panel discussions from English to Chinese.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping W.O.W reach a wider audience in Chinatown and beyond in our work, please e-mail us at: wingonwo26mott@gmail.com.