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WOW Makers Series Presents: A Discussion with sinθ magazine

Join us at Wing on Wo & Co. on April 12th for a discussion with sinθ magazine (Sine Theta Magazine) staff about nurturing a lively and rewarding virtual community of diasporic creators and learn about the inner workings of a vibrant publication!

ABOUT sinθ magazine:
sinθ magazine (aka Sine Theta Magazine) is a print creative arts magazine by and for the Sino diaspora. Founded by three women in Switzerland, the U.K., and Singapore in 2016, we feature the works of Sino creatives from around the globe in quarterly issues. We have now expanded to a staff of 15, and our core leadership remains all-women. So far, we’ve published 10 themed print issues of around 50 pages each and interviewed poets, musicians, artists, activists, film directors, and other creatives in order to foster constructive conversations about the creative process and the "third space" identity of living and working in the diaspora. You can read more about us online at

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WOW Maker Series Presents: A Talk & Workshop with Artist Xiao Mei

Join us as artist, Xiao Mei talks about growing up in both Toisan, China and Brooklyn, NYC and how that inspires her work. Xiao Mei will also be leading a short workshop that will follow the talk teaching participants how to draw repeat patterns for some fun wrapping paper!


Xiao Mei is a Brooklyn based illustrator who was born and raised in Toisan and moved to New York when she was twelve. Xiao Mei’s works often inspired by her childhood growing up in both Toisan and Brooklyn.

WOW Maker Series Presents: Food For Thought: A Journey Through Art, Food & Identity

Join us as artist, Clara Lu talks about her journey understanding her identity through art and food. Clara will be in conversation with our previous artist-in-residence, Emily Mock, and will be selling prints and her newly released Noodz calendar!


Clara Lu is a queer Chinese-American artist, born and raised in Queens, New York. She enjoyed engaging in her Shanghainese heritage and seeks out more ways to celebrate the dialect and culture. As a multidisciplinary creative, she thrives off o quirky, off-beat, concepts and creativity. Her interests primarily lie in bridging design, art, and social change through grassroots, community-based initiatives.


W.O.W. Makers Series Presents: Lion Dance Behind the Lens


Join us as Chinatown native photographer, William Moy debuts his collection of photos documenting lion dancing throughout the streets of Chinatown over the course of 3 years. The photos will be on a view throughout the shop and Will's beautiful postcards and prints will be for sale for you to take home and share with loved ones as you get into the festive mood to celebrate the year of the earth pig!

W.O.W. Asian American Ceramicists Holiday Fair

We’re thrilled to be supporting a group of 7 emerging Asian American Ceramicists this year through a holiday fair hosted at Wing on Wo & Co. (W.O.W.), a five-generation owned porcelain shop located in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown. The W.O.W. Asian American Ceramicists Fair seeks to uplift the emerging Asian American ceramicists community while honoring our grandmother’s legacy of 50+ years of beautifully hand painted porcelain and ceramics hand picked and sourced from Hong Kong with love. We are excited to be staying true to our roots while also bringing in new creative energy with this ceramicists fair. We hope you’ll join us!

*Note the fair opening will happen on the evening of Thursday, December 13th from 7-9pm and the fair will continue throughout the weekend until Sunday, December 16th. 


Franca NYC is a multi-cultural design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. The studio was founded by Sierra Yip-Bannicq and Jazmin de la Guardia in 2016. Jazmin and Sierra draw inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds to create playful and modern products that allow for the appreciation of details without overloading the senses. 

Risa Nishimoro is a ceramicist born and raised in New York City. She works out of her own studio, NY Togei Kyoshitsu in Manhattan, and when she's not making pieces, she's usually investing time as a teacher to aspiring ceramicists and as a mentor to budding artists. Risa is known for her gracious spirit and strong personality, both of which make their way into her work.

Stephanie H. Shih is a ceramic artist whose sculptures and vessels explore her Chinese/Taiwanese-American identity and concepts of home. Her work has been featured in numerous print and online publications, including Eater, New York Magazine, and the New York Times. The porcelain dumplings are part of a series of ceramic replicas from the Asian-American kitchen that explores ways of creating space, cultivating community, and conjuring the collective nostalgia of growing up first-generation. The project, titled ORIENTAL GROCERY, is in progress and is currently seeking exhibition space for 2019.

Tiffany Saw is a ceramic artist working and teaching in Brooklyn. Her work is inspired by the traditional Burmese and Chinese art and architecture that she was exposed to growing up. Tiffany incorporates traditional themes into each of her pieces and focus on creating illustrative designs with deep carvings and careful detail.

Nicole Yeo is a Product Design Director and an artist. Her ceramics practice reflects the journey of learning herself, exploring tensions between wholeness and emptiness, belonging and displacement, a desire to be seen and desire to be invisible. These tensions are rooted in her desire to understand her identity as a 2nd generation Asian American immigrant and an Asian American woman, raised without extended family, a mother, or an Asian American community. This dialog is manifested through translating vessels and cavities as extension of body, of soul.

Troy Yoshimoto is an NYC-based ceramicist and industrial designer with the mission to elevate everyday objects. He hopes to design functional pieces that you love to use and never want to put away.

Jackie Zhao is a cofounder of Supply Unica, a ceramics platform focused on creating connections between handmade ceramics and the makers behind them. She enjoys musing about the intersection between bread-making and ceramics, both of which are avid passions. Her favorite loaf to make is a sourdough seed loaf: with chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds.

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W.O.W. Lookbook Launch Party


We're so thrilled to be hosting a launch party for our very first Lookbook shot by Mischelle Moy. Swing by to check out our new holiday merch, flip through issue 1 of the W.O.W. lookbook and pick up some lookbook prints, postcards and posters :D

We will be serving up Chinese American inspired appetizers from Table 81 and our very own Pell St. Jasmine tea! Snap some photos at our interactive porcelain tablescape for photos!

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W.O.W. Maker Series Presents:

Demolition Paranoia in Beijing: A Talk by Sponge Gourd Collective

Join us as Sponge Gourd Collective discusses their process in investigating urban transformation in contemporary China through their zine publication People's Square 人民广场. They will also share work from their ongoing project, The Harmonious Commute 跳出北京看北京 investigating the high-speed rail in the Jing-Jin-Ji megaregion. This event is part of a series profiling different Asian American makers and creatives. RSVP here.


Sponge Gourd Collective (丝瓜集团) is a loofah for the future, a squad of green goons, a slimy surprise. We investigate urban transformation in contemporary China to explore and unpack Chinese futurities. The collective was formed in 2016 with the publication of People's Square 人民广场, a zine series documenting sites of rapid urban development in Beijing, China. We are now working on The Harmonious Commute 跳出北京看北京, an ongoing project investigating the high-speed rail in the Jing-Jin-Ji megaregion. Sponge Gourd Collective consists of Beatrix Chu, Daphne Xu, and Diane Zhou. 


Diane Zhou is a visual artist based in New York. Her paintings, comics, and assemblages are about cute things, manufactured junk bearing the weight of human interaction, and her fragmented understanding of Chinese language. 

Daphne Xu is a researcher, photographer and artist. She is currently working on her masters at MIT in urban planning.

*NOTE: All ticket proceeds go towards supporting Siguatuan's support our zine making practice.

Celebrating W.O.W.'s Second Seasonal Tea:

Pell St. Jasmine


Join us for the launch of our newest tea, Pell St. Jasmine, just in time for Moon Festival. Charlene Lewang of Tranquil Tuesdays will be pouring tea and community activist, Jeanie Chin will be setting up a table for individual numerology readings. We will also be serving up a limited supply of our homemade mooncakes - join us!

Celebrating W.O.W.'s Very First Seasonal Tea:

Mott St. Oolong

mott st oolong flyer3.jpg



We are celebrating the launch of our first seasonal tea: Mott St. Oolong! 

Swing by W.O.W. and join us as we serve up Mott St. Oolong for our community. Tranquil Tuesdays' founder, Charlene Lewang, will be pouring tea and 店面 artist in residence, Emily Mock will be selling her beauty papercuts! 

We'll also be running a celebration special on: ~ exclusive ~ Cynonyc Chinatown Clothing Company mason jar + tea steepers, new teaware and our very own Mott St. Oolong tea!

W.O.W Maker Series: Lexton Moy & CYNoNYC 

October 26, 2017 

WOW Makers Series.jpg

Join us as Lexton Dela Cruz Moy talks about his process in creating his own lifestyle brand, CYNONYC, redefining 'New York Chinese Americana'. Lexton will be speaking at length about how he is using graphic design to honor and preserve the history, traditions and cultural custom of Manhattan's Chinatown. CYNONYC and Wing On Wo & Co. will also be revealing a ~* NEW *~ tea line collaboration at the event! This is the second event of a series profiling different Asian American makers and creatives at Wing On Wo & Co.

Reserve a ticket on eventbrite now:

The Cynonyc Chinatown Clothing Company is a lifestyle brand that redefines “New York Chinese Americana.” The brand embraces New York City's geographic antiquity, while preserving the history, traditions and cultural customs of Manhattan's Original Chinatown.
The word "CYNONYC" deconstructed gives insight on the brands origins and it's direction. “CYNO-” is a recreation of the prefix “Sino-” which is the combining form meaning Chinese. “-NYC” is New York City's abbreviation and is a recreation of the adjective-forming suffix “-ic” which is the combining form meaning “having some characteristics of.” Together CYNONYC, is a palindromic word meaning “pertaining to, belonging to, or characteristic of the distinct sub-culture of Chinatown in New York City.” 
CYNONYC is a literal and symbolic reflection of the past and present, paying homage to cultural heritage while acknowledging the ever changing landscape of Chinatown.


Lexton Moy is a Chinese Filipino American, born and raised in Chinatown. He played professional soccer in Hong Kong, Macau and Manila and is a former Philippines Men’s National Team player with 11 international caps representing his mother’s native country. Lexton is currently the Director of Coaching at the Chelsea Piers Soccer Club in NYC and recently launched the lifestyle brand CYNONYC. The Chinatown Clothing Company embraces New York City’s geographic antiquity, while preserving the history, traditions and cultural customs of Manhattan’s Original Chinatown.

W.O.W Maker Series: Grandma's Recipes Book Launch

June 8, 2017



Designed by NYC-based graphic designer Christal Sih and published by Singapore's Math Paper Press, Grandma's Recipes is a compilation of photographs, writings and a Chinese-Singaporean family's recipes. Join us as Christal talks about her process in publishing her first recipe book inspired by and in collaboration with her grandma (who will be skyping in from Singapore!). This book launch is the first event of a series profiling different Asian American makers and creatives at Wing On Wo & Co.

"Mary Sih is my grandmother — her cooking prowess comes from decades of cooking, studying recipe books, watching cooking television shows and exchanges with my family and friends. Armed with only an iPhone to take photos and notes, I try to learn as much as I can without getting in her way."
Browse the book on BooksActually

Originally from the sunny island of Singapore, Christal Sih completed her BFA in Graphic Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and is now based in New York City. 
As a graphic designer, she integrates illustration and photography into her design practice. In her personal work she is interested in post-colonialism, and hybridity as a basis for constructing identity. 

More of her work can be seen here:

W.O.W Spring Plant Sale

Saturday, April 8th 11 AM - 6 PM 


W.O.W is celebrating the start of spring with a plant sale. Swing by and pick up a W.O.W original plant as tiny or large enough for your NYC apartment. All pottings are our own porcelain creations :)

W.O.W SilenT Auction 

February 2 - 15, 2017 


Swing by during W.O.W's regular store hours from 10:30 AM - 6 PM to place your bid on original W.O.W crate wood designs in collaboration with Overlook Woods.      ~All proceeds will be donated to The W.O.W Project ~

CITY OF HANDS 手成 Screening

September 15, 2016


Wing on Wo's very own porcelain shop mini-theatre.


Wing on Wo & Co. was thrilled to present CITY OF HANDS, a 22-minute short film that profiles four young members of Jingdezhen's ceramics community, exploring what brought them to the city and what made them stay.

Jingdezhen is China’s porcelain capital. Slowly forgotten after being home to the emperor’s imperial kilns for a thousand years, the city is now filled with young artists. An oasis for creatives in China’s urban east, people from all over the country come to Jingdezhen to follow their porcelain dreams. CITY OF HANDS is a look into the lives of four young residents of Jingdezhen.

+ The screening was followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and a launch of new Wing on Wo porcelain ware.


Nate & AJ discuss the inspiration behind City of Hands.


Nathaniel Brown, Director/writer

Nathaniel is filmmaker, photographer, and translator based in China and the United States, producing content focused on art, culture and travel. He was a Fulbright Scholar to China in 2013-2014 and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. His recent projects have focused on young Chinese artists in different mediums and how they seek to delineate themselves in the market and creative sphere. Beyond this, he is currently working through the footage, photos, and text from a 35,000 km motorcycle trip from Shanghai to London he took in 2015.

AJ Sinker, Writer/editor

AJ Sinker is a filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. His work includes documentary short Balloons Over Plymouth (2011) which is available internationally on ShortsHD, lifestyle brand Top Shelf Premium’s web series Off Top, and various content for Major League Baseball.