The W.O.W Project’s mission is to sustain ownership over Chinatown's future by growing, protecting and preserving Chinatown's creative culture through arts, culture and activism.

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The W.O.W Project is a community-based initiative that reinvents, preserves, and encourages Chinatown’s creative culture and history through arts, culture and activism. Located inside Wing On Wo & Co., the oldest continually-run family business in New York's Chinatown, The W.O.W Project was established by fifth-generation store owner, Mei Lum, to bring concerns of a rapidly changing Chinatown into a resident-led space for intergenerational dialogue and action. Since its inception in 2016, The W.O.W. Project has held numerous panel discussions about the role of art and social change, an annual storefront artist-in-residency program, film screenings showcasing Asian American women filmmakers, and several Chinatown storytelling open mic nights, that have reached over 1,000 residents. Our core mission is to create space for conversations to happen across language barriers and generational gaps to actively shape the future of Chinatown.

Wing on Wo & Co's storefront on a sunny day.

Watch this short documentary on how The W.O.W Project started on its journey in May 2016:



Winter 2018 (for more details visit our Public Programs page here)

  • November 店面 Residency Workshop Schedule

    • 11/6 - Calligraphy Workshop - Clerical Script

    • 11/10 - Basic bookbinding Workshop

    • 11/13 - Calligraphy Workshop - Clerical Script

    • 11/18 - Bookmaking Open Studio

    • 11/20 - Calligraphy Workshop - Clerical Script

  • 11/6 - Building Community Through Bilingual Media in LA’s Chinatown: A Talk with WAPOW Founder, Wendy Chung

  • 11/9 - W.O.W. Maker Series Presents: Demolition Paranoia in Beijing - A Talk with Sponge Gourd Collective

  • 12/14 - W.O.W. Womxn Writers Series: Favorite Daughters

  • December 店面 Residency Workshop Schedule

    • 11/27 6:30-8:30: Calligraphy Class 行草書 Running and Grass Script

    • 12/1 12-4 PM: Basic Bookmaking: Softcover

    • 12/16 12-4 PM: Basic Bookmaking: Accordian 

    • 12/18 7-9 PM: Calligraphy Class: Holiday Cards 

    • 1/8 7-9 PM: Calligraphy Class: Spring Couplets 

    • 1/15 7-9 PM: Calligraphy Class: Spring Couplets


  • 店面 Residency Arts & Activism Roundtable + Artist Talk hosted at Museum of Chinese in America

  • Chinatown Storytelling Open Mic Night

  • New York Public Library Workshop: 'Let's Talk Chinatown: Oral Histories of a Changing Neighborhood' with Diane Wong & Mei Lum

  • W.O.W's 1 Year Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser

  • Asian American Female Filmmakers Series

  • W.O.W Summer Mobile Cart

  • W.O.W Project West Coast Tour

  • Asian American Female Filmmaker Series' Screenings

  • 店面 Residency Opening Reception

  • Resist Recycle Regenerate Project Chinatown-wide CNY Confetti Collection

  • Resist Recycle Regenerate Project Communtiy Papermaking Workshops

  • W.O.W. Youth Film Series: 9-Man Screening

  • W.O.W. Youth Film Series: Third World Newsreel x Chinatown Artbrigade Collaborative Screening

  • Homeward Bound Series: Memory, Identity & Resilience Across the Chinese Diaspora

    • Chinatowns Around the World featuring Huiying B. Chan

    • West Coast Chinatown Solidarity Tour featuring Mei Lum & Diane Wong

    • Oral History Collaboration Night

  • Resist Recycle Regenerate ROOTS Final Showcase

  • W.O.W. 2 Year Anniversary Celebration & Fundraiser

  • Homeward Bound Series: Memory, Identity & Resilience Across the Chinese Diaspora

    • Diaspora Open Mic Night @ Project Reach

    • Pearl River Mart Exhibition

  • 3rd 店面 Residency Open Call

  • Resist Recycle Regenerate Cohort #2 Open Call

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